Achieving an Exit

The business owners and management teams we work with are often looking to achieve an ultimate exit for their shareholding. This is partly about value and certainty but very often about finding the right home for what is often a lifetime’s work.

The duration of our average investment is typically three to five years but can be flexible in adopting a longer timeframe where appropriate. The primary goal in planning an exit strategy is to maximize the value for all shareholders. Having been on the journey to an exit event many times, we are there to help the Board and shareholders carefully select the timing and method of sale. Our sale experience has included share market listings, trade sales, asset sales and sales to larger private equity groups.

The team at Pemba Capital Partners really provided valuable support in our exit process. Careful planning; road-testing our forecast assumptions; support in developing synergistic benefits customised for each individual potential acquirer; selection and coordination of advisors, accountants and legal professionals; input into the preparation of the information memorandum; and advice on deal structure are some of the hands-on expertise they provide.
Chris Nunis, CEOPlacard

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