Ablecare partners with ONCALL and Pemba

1st March 2021
Ablecare Image scaled 1 - Ablecare partners with ONCALL and Pemba

ONCALL, Australia’s leading provider of specialist services in the Disability and Child, Youth, Family and Community Services, which is backed by Pemba, was looking to expand its offering interstate. By partnering with Ablecare, ONCALL has been able to expand its high-quality services to the disability sector interstate and increase its geographic reach into Queensland.

The Partnership

ONCALL, Victoria’s largest Disability and Child and Youth services provider, offering accommodation and out of home care for clients, as well as staffing service and training college, has partnered with Ablecare, a leading provider of quality, flexible disability and care support for children and adults with complex needs.

About Ablecare

Ablecare was founding in 1996 in Brisbane. It is an established Supported Independent Living (SIL) provider in southeast Queensland operating 45 disability homes focussed on complex needs, a training college and a specialised labour hire business. Ablecare also provides behaviour support through psychologists and allied health professionals, case management and day centre support.

Background to Pemba’s Investment

Pemba first approached founder, Natalie Hennessy, in March 2019 whilst looking at high quality, complementary businesses to ONCALL in the NDIS sector. Natalie was interested in working with a partner that could help Ablecare reach the next stage of growth for its client services in Queensland. Pemba and ONCALL, who were looking to expand interstate and grow its SIL services, stood out as a natural fit.

The Vendor’s Perspective
Quality of care for our clients is fundamental to our value proposition, it’s our reason for existing. Through our many conversations with Pemba and the ONCALL management team it was clear that there was a strong cultural alignment and passion for high quality care. Natalie Hennessy
The Future

The partnership with Ablecare represents an attractive platform for growth into the Queensland NDIS market. Given its capabilities as a SIL provider, and the associated increase regulatory requirements, Ablecare provides ONCALL with highly qualified staff which can be used to increase services in the local Queensland market.

The Pemba team will continue to support the ONCALL and Ablecare management teams in growing the group organically and through carefully selected partnerships.

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Pemba & Business Services

Pemba is looking to invest in further high-quality healthcare providers. If you are considering outside investment and would like to find out more about how Pemba Capital partners with its investee companies to achieve significant growth, please email 

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