Pemba works in partnership with ambitious business owners and management teams to help them build and grow successful, market leading businesses.

Veterinary services

Vets Central

Interview with Keith Nicholls

“Pemba’s approach was incredibly nimble, it was transparent and aligned to the ethos of Vets Central.”

POS, payments and self-ordering solutions


Interview with Kris Satish

“For anyone who wants to grow their business, you have to, at some point in time, move from playing not to lose to playing to win. A partnership with Pemba really changes the paradigm.”

Software & Data Services


Interview with Marc Washbourne

“It really feels like a true business partnership, I think it’s a dream come true.”

Medical technology

Device Technologies

Interview with Mick Trevaskis

“Pemba really taught us how to do business differently.”

Auto sector data service

Marque Group

Interview with Gary Martin

“What would take founders and an individual company many years to achieve, with the Marque Group and with Pemba, we can accelerate that growth through our investment in geographies, technology and people.”



Interview with Ganen Ganeswaran

“Pemba has provided us with advisors and experts to really support our growth journey.”