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Financial Services
Date of Investment
March 2022

Acis is one of Australia’s largest business and investment structures platforms for the Accounting, Legal and Wealth communities.

Established in Brisbane in 1988, Acis provides documentation, management and compliance solutions for companies, trusts and SMSFs to accounting, legal and wealth management firms, who in turn provide these services to their end customers.

Acis’ services are delivered via a proprietary technology platform that integrates with leading accounting services and wealth management systems.

I most appreciate Pemba’s reliability, together with their collaborative and supportive approach as a growth partner. They do exactly what they promise, exactly when they promise. When we (regularly) ask for help or resources, they deliver, always while letting our experienced management team get on with what we do best. The Pemba team are a quality bunch of characters, too – all at our end respect and enjoy the way they do business.

Matt Neibling, CEO & Co Founder ACIS

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