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Date of Investment
July 2023

Established in 1982, QVS is the first private, specialist hospital in Australia. Since this time, QVS has expanded to provide specialised patient care across a range of disciplines via referrals from veterinarians.

Today, QVS is considered as a market leader in the specialist animal hospital market.

QVS comprises of two large format hospital sites that provide emergency animal care and specialist veterinary services across a range of disciplines. The business has built up a strong reputation within its core catchment areas, due to its >40 year history and focus on high quality animal care.

The entire Pemba team are perceptive, supportive and highly experienced partners that have brought a level of sophistication that we needed to our business. Being in the veterinary industry, our entire team feels a level of responsibility to ensure our patients and our pet parents receive great patient care and service. Pemba are driven to help us achieve this not only for our patients, but also improve our employees’ working lives and to contribute to the wider veterinary community. They have been true to their word; it is truly a partnership. They listen, encourage discussion, and strive for consensus amongst the leadership team. We thought we worked hard to achieve great outcomes, Pemba work harder. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to partner with Pemba.

Kris Martin, Chief Executive Officer, QVS & VSA

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