Love is in the Air

12th February 2021
Love is in the air scaled 1 - Love is in the Air

By Tom Simpson

Before commencing the dating process, you must be prepared to meet new people. This may be triggered by a range of different circumstances or catalysts that cause you to start the search for that special someone ( Founders face a range of different catalysts which we are both experienced and equipped to assist with when the time is right.

Someone to flourish with (Growth)

Perhaps you are happy as you are, progressing through life steadily and gradually achieving your objectives one by one. However, you do like the idea of meeting someone who shares your vision and brings a different skill set so you can grow stronger together.

Pemba comes from the common Nepalese name for Sherpa. We regard ourselves as experienced mountaineers here to help you reach your summit and achieve your personal aspirations as a team via a range of different solutions such as:

  • Serial rounds of capital to turbo charge growth.
  • Expertise on a range of business initiatives including new geographies and products.
  • Assistance with identifying complimentary acquisition opportunities.

Someone to continue your legacy (Succession)

You may have found yourself thinking about meeting that special someone to start a family with. Who will I pass my legacy down to?

A common catalyst is succession. A business is the founder’s baby, understandably the future is of utmost importance. At Pemba, we work closely with founders to help facilitate this ownership transition (typically over a 3-5-year timeframe) whilst also achieving their legacy wishes and a premium valuation (

The right support (Human Capital)

A strong and supportive friendship group is crucial when navigating the complexities of the dating scene. Honest feedback and life experience are invaluable inputs throughout the process.

As a partnership investor, we place great importance on human capital. This ranges from assisting in the talent search to fill skill gaps or incentivising loyal employees with equity to align them with the future interests of the business and reward them for their efforts to date.

Testing the waters (Curiosity)

The “right time” to get out there may not be so clear. It may just come down to something as simple as being curious about what the scene is like at the time.

I often speak to founders who are curious about the available options to move forward. They may not have experienced any of the catalysts I have mentioned here but they would like to hear about options. We are always keen to discuss the options available.

What next?

Find out more about how we work with business owners and management teams. Test the waters, InMail me.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

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