Pemba partners with ConnellGriffin

31st August 2022
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ConnellGriffin was looking to partner with an experienced investor who could support the business in their objective to become Australia’s premier infrastructure advisor. ConnellGriffin chose to partner with Pemba due to a strong cultural alignment and Pemba’s extensive history of supporting various organic and inorganic growth initiatives with partner companies.


Pemba, a leading investor in private businesses, has partnered with ConnellGriffin, provider of specialised infrastructure advisory services, to accelerate ConnellGriffin’s growth and to support them in becoming Australia’s premier infrastructure advisor.


ConnellGriffin was founded in 2012 and is a leading provider of specialist infrastructure advisory services. ConnellGriffin delivers a range of commercial advisory services for public and private sector clients across road, rail, utilities, social infrastructure, maritime and aviation. ConnellGriffin has experienced strong historic growth, priding itself on deep industry expertise, high quality services and exceptional people.


Pemba has historically been active in the infrastructure advisory market, attracted to the positive long-term macro tailwinds behind infrastructure investment in Australia and a significant opportunity to consolidate the fragmented market. Pemba met ConnellGriffin in October 2021 and identified the business as an ideal platform for consolidation in the sector. ConnellGriffin recognised the attractiveness of partnering with a buy and build specialist like Pemba, that had strong knowledge of the market, supported the businesses strategy for organic growth and had a pipeline of opportunities for acquisition led growth.

Our new partnership with a world class buy and build specialist in Pemba is a significant milestone for the business. The partnership will greatly accelerate our growth strategy, both in our services and our geographical reach, hence providing our clients with an even broader and deeper offering from the business. Pemba is providing us with more diverse thinking, approaches and perspectives to the business and we look forward to the journey ahead. Brian Connell

Pemba will work with the management team to provide support and funding for investments in talent and future growth strategies, to cement ConnellGriffin’s position as a leading provider within the Australian infrastructure advisory market. Pemba will also support the business by identifying, approaching, negotiating and financing additional acquisition opportunities that have been discussed with ConnellGriffin and are strategically beneficial.

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