Pemba Promotions

19th December 2022
Promotions Post LI 2022 - Pemba Promotions

A key contributory factor to Pemba’s strong performance in 2022 has been the firm’s ongoing investment in its people and therefore, on the back of another active year, a total of five internal promotions have been announced including the following: 

In Pemba’s Transact team, Rob Haybittel has been promoted to Partner, Katrina Engelbert to Investment Manager, and Ehren Heilman and Nic Badings to Associate. 

As a core member of Pemba’s Transact team, Rob has led a number of Pemba’s platform investments, including Arteva, RxMx, Vets Central, ONCALL and Platinum Healthcare.  

Similarly, Katrina, Nic and Ehren have proven themselves to be valuable members of Pemba’s Transact team. Over the past 12 months, Katrina led Pemba’s defence technology platform investment, through the merger of elmTEK and Consilium Technology, and Nic played a key role in the formation of Pemba’s platform investment of Platinum Healthcare through the merger of Colbrow Care, Meditech, Kemp Recruitment and Regal Health. Since joining from Allier Capital, Ehren has played a valuable role on a number of new platform opportunities for Pemba and across its sector teams. 

In Pemba’s Accelerate team, Jordan Kuhnemann has been promoted to Investment Manager. Jordan performed a central role in Pemba’s partnership with Curatio and merger with RxMx to create RxPx.  

Tom Matthews, Managing Director said: “The calibre and talent of our team are core to our ability to build great market-leading businesses and generate consistent, strong returns for our investors, founders and management teams we partner with. As well as hiring the right people we work very hard at providing an environment in which our people can learn, develop and progress as investment professionals. We congratulate all those who have been promoted in recognition of their outstanding contribution to our partner companies and Pemba.”  

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