Pemba warmly welcomes key specialists Pete Mycock and Jo Hands to the Accelerate team!

29th March 2023
Pete and Jo e1679969718727 - Pemba warmly welcomes key specialists Pete Mycock and Jo Hands to the Accelerate team!

Pete and Jo commenced working with Pemba Capital Partners in March 2023 to strengthen our market-leading value creation capabilities for our portfolio companies.

As an executive leader building and driving accelerated growth in venture backed companies in global markets for the past few decades, has provided Pete with unique insights of how organisations can successfully scale their sales, customer success and marketing teams.

As a consultant or board observer, Pete has advised across a number of different sectors including SaaS, software services, ecommerce and AI. He has industry expertise in finance, telecoms, retail, travel and digital content. Prior to his consulting business Pete was CRO for a global SaaS technology business where he was responsible for the strategy, operations, team building and revenue growth for APAC and USA.

Pete will work with our partner companies on revenue initiatives as our ‘key specialist’ Chief Revenue Officer.

With a transformational mindset and deep financial acumen, Jo’s diverse professional background has led her to create next-generation operating models, fostering faster growth and dramatic transformation in both domestic, and international capacities.

Jo’s highly sought after critical competencies are demonstrated by her willingness to stay in the fray, building a stronger organisation and cross functional relationships to drive businesses forward. Never missing an opportunity to enhance efficiency and productivity, Jo uses her extensive experience to create environments of continuous engagement, and better companies.

Jo will work with our partner companies on integration, 100-day plans and financial support as our ‘key specialist’ Chief Integration Officer.


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