Pemba Pulse: Scaling Healthcare Impact

12th September 2023

Elle Solferini

In the healthcare sector, where each strategic decision has the potential to impact lives profoundly, partnering with the right investors is paramount. As founders and CEOs of healthcare businesses, you’re working to make a meaningful impact – and it is only fitting that you seek partners who share your vision and can provide the resources and expertise required to drive your organisation to greater heights.

This is where Pemba Capital Partners comes into play. As a private equity firm with a focus on growth, our specialisation lies in partnership investments. Over the years, we have collaborated with dozens of healthcare businesses to enhance and scale their impact.

Maximising Impact Through Partnership

  • Access to Growth Capital: One of the most immediate and tangible benefits of partnering with Pemba is gaining access to the capital necessary for expansion. Healthcare businesses often face high upfront costs in R&D, equipment and infrastructure. Whether you’re pioneering healthcare technology or providing services at a specialised clinic, our capital injection can accelerate your organic and inorganic growth trajectory, allowing you to reach more patients or expand your services.

The partnership between Pemba and RxMx, an Australian provider of digital risk management and patient adherence SaaS solutions in the specialty medicine sector, serves as a compelling illustration of how strategic collaboration can expedite growth. One of RxMx’s primary growth objectives in this partnership was to enhance its pre-existing market presence in North America. To address this goal, Pemba’s Originate team diligently scouted for potential partners, and identified Curatio, a Canadian-based Patient Engagement platform. By orchestrating a merger between these two businesses, RxPx was born. RxPx now offers a comprehensive solution spanning both platforms and has benefited from Curatio’s established presence in the North American market. This exemplifies how strategic partnerships can not only foster growth, but also create holistic, value-added offerings for customers.

  • Operational and Strategic Expertise: Beyond capital, Pemba brings a wealth of operational and strategic expertise to the table. Our team has extensive experience in the healthcare sector, and works with best-in-breed experts and management teams to improve areas like regulatory compliance, recruitment and retention, go-to-market, and operational efficiency. We work closely with you to streamline processes, identify growth opportunities, and navigate the complex healthcare landscape.

The creation of our leading healthcare staffing and services operator, facilitated by Pemba’s partnership with five leading businesses in the Home Care and Nursing sector, illustrates the diverse benefits that Pemba offers, beyond simply providing capital. One key aspect is the careful selection of a strong management team to support unified operations and strategic initiatives moving forward. Jason Cartwright, formerly CEO of Healthcare Australia, leads this group, supported by a skilled management team and corporate services hub. This team, coupled with support from Pemba at a board level, works closely with founders to upskill the business units from a strategic and operational perspective.

Integration is another critical area where Pemba plays a vital role. In a buy-and-build strategy, such as in this example, smooth integration is crucial. Pemba actively collaborates with management teams to ensure a thorough and effective integration process. This covers aspects including personnel, culture, technology, procedures, reporting, and more. These meticulous efforts are fundamental to the success and synergy of the newly formed organisation.

Once the right people are in place and the businesses are well integrated, Pemba focuses on supporting the organisation’s ongoing growth. Pemba’s Accelerate team works closely to identify and execute strategic initiatives with our partner companies.

Overcoming Founder Concerns:

Despite the substantial advantages that come from partnering with Pemba, we appreciate that founders may hold genuine concerns. Here are some common worries and how we address them:

  • Loss of Control: Founders often fear that bringing in an investor means relinquishing control over their vision. At Pemba, we believe in collaborative partnerships. We work closely with founders, valuing your expertise and vision. Our goal is to complement your strengths, not override them.
  • Alignment of Values: Healthcare businesses are built on strong ethical foundations. We prioritise alignment of values with our partners. Our due diligence process ensures that your mission and ethical standards are upheld throughout our partnership.
  • Long-Term Sustainability: Concerns about short-term financial gains versus long-term sustainability are valid. Pemba’s investment approach is focused on sustainable growth. We are in it for the long haul, supporting your organisation’s journey towards lasting impact.

Within the healthcare sector, partnering with Pemba Capital Partners can prove transformative. By gaining access to growth capital, benefiting from operational expertise, and tapping into a broad network of resources, your business can expand its reach and impact.

Founders must approach partnerships judiciously, but with Pemba, you’ll discover an ally who shares your commitment to healthcare innovation and patient well-being. The path to expanding your impact commences with the selection of the right partner. Together, we can pave the way for a healthier and more promising future for countless individuals and communities.

What’s Next?

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