Why Pemba

Pemba’s culture, level of alignment and approach to working with owners and managers is different. Our people are resourceful but understated, friendly but not intrusive and fun to work with whilst focusing on helping to deliver real outcomes.

We take a more patient and longer term view with our partners. This has been our focus since Pemba Capital Partners was formed in 1998. Pemba Capital remains a leader in its market in this style of investing.

We have first hand experience at supporting our partners at each stage of the journey that companies with growth ambitions embark on. We recognise the passion and drive required to build something unique. For us the goal is to see the teams we partner with succeed in taking their businesses to the next level.

I truly feel like I am in a partnership with Pemba Capital Partners, with their transparent communication style, relationship based on trust, and a clear but flexible vision for value creation.
Chris Nunis, CEOPlacard


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