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Selling your Business

“A lifetime can be spent building a business; but you only sell once.”

Selling a business that has been a big part of your life is a watershed moment that can sometimes be an emotional decision and not just a financial one. Whether you reached a decision to go for a complete exit in days or years, once this is your goal then there are typically two key considerations:

  1. Achieving fair value for the business you have created: Being a successful entrepreneur can be all consuming and there comes a point when some owner managers simply wish to step back and enjoy the fruits of the wealth they’ve created. Others are still full of passion for entrepreneurship but want to move onto a new and exciting opportunity in another industry.
  2. Leaving the business in good hands: In the absence of a natural successor to carry on the business the sale of your equity may represent the culmination of a careful succession plan – or it may be the start of one. Every situation is different, and Pemba Capital Partners will bring specific expertise to the table in assisting business owners implementing the appropriate succession solution. Sometimes we back an insider who takes the business forward. In other situations we utilise our extensive network and sector contacts to round out the management team and make a clean exit happen smoothly. Alternatively, we may offer the opportunity to integrate your company into one of our existing Buy and Build platforms. Whichever of these is applicable we will work with you to enable you and your business to move forwards.

Selling to Pemba Capital Partners

Whatever the circumstances behind your decision to sell, you will need a purchaser who can offer you more than just an attractive price. A transaction with the right party is critical to securing the right future for your business, its customers, staff and other stakeholders.

Pemba Capital Partners recognises that future success for your business can only be secured by retaining the essential elements of the culture that has delivered historic success. Only by building upon what you have already established can we de-risk the future of our own investment.

Our ultimate goal is always for you to be as proud of your company in the future as you are today. A measure of this approach, which we would encourage you to confirm by talking to vendors of the businesses we have partnered with, is the testimonials that we receive. We are always open to introducing you to any of the parties we have worked with in concluding over 200 investments since 1998.

Pemba Capital Partners team’s research and analysis is key to their well-considered targeting of selected market sectors. This focused approach builds sector expertise and makes for better decision making when acquiring a business. For a seller of a business this means you know that if Pemba show up they have genuine interest.
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