Managers becoming Owners

Take an ownership position in the business you manage – a rare opportunity

Raising funding to buy some or all of the equity from your current shareholder group is a great opportunity. Choosing the right partner will help you to complete the best possible deal and then de-risk your investment by assisting you in taking the business to the next level. Our management team bought out the Pemba Capital Partners business from the original founders so we have a clear understanding of what’s involved.

Many forms of management buy-out – one backer

You may be the leader or key member of a team contemplating raising funding for the acquisition of part or all of the business you run (Management Buy Out or MBO). Or you may be a newly formed management team looking to buy into a business with the support of an external financier (Management Buy In or MBI). More often than not our experience in smaller company situations is that growth aspirations are best realised by supplementing a talented and commitment team of incumbents with some external talent. So there are a range of situations that combine elements of an MBO and an MBI. Whichever of these situations best represents your circumstances, Pemba Capital Partners’ initial role is to assist you in engaging appropriately with your current business owners, putting together a workable proposal and effecting the initial transaction. But the transaction itself is only the start of the journey and we would focus from the outset on assisting you in delivering on your strategy and growth plans for the business and on planning an eventual exit.

Why Pemba Capital Partners?

Pemba Capital Partners has worked with over 100 management teams and has the track record and expertise to enable you and your team to succeed. As experienced backers of MBOs and MBIs, Pemba Capital Partners can not only invest further capital but will also support you and your team in the transition from employees to owners. As an owner-managed business, Pemba Capital Partners understands what is required to successfully develop and grow a business. And, as successful investors, we recognise that success in building market leading businesses is highly correlated to the quality of our relationship with management teams.

What you should expect for our side of the relationship is:

  • A good level of understanding of the trends and issues affecting your industry
  • The opportunity to develop your own strategic growth plan
  • Access to internal resource and external networks of expertise to support decision making
  • A constructive and collaborative approach at all times

To have managers as shareholders moving forward means that we are all really very well aligned and highly motivated to continue to grow the business into the future.
Marc Washbourne, CEOReadyTech

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