Owners Seeking Investment

Why bring in a new investor?

There are a number of core reasons why your business might be seeking an external investor. An initial transaction is just the start of the journey to deliver on your priorities. These requirements typically include some combination of:

  • Sourcing capital and expertise to deliver growth
  • De-risking your personal balance sheet without constraining growth
  • Enabling the retirement of some or all of your shareholders without slowing growth
  • Sharing some upside with key managers to align them and create pathways for succession
  • Reshaping the business by disposing of a non-core division or buying another company

Our Partnership Approach

You can choose between a number of sources to finance your growth. So what’s the difference between an ‘investor’ and a ‘partnership investor’?

A partnership investor like Pemba Capital Partners not only brings finance but, most importantly, makes a significant contribution to de-risking a growth strategy. The investment comes from a partner with a proven track record of pro-actively working with businesses to achieve accelerated growth.

Pemba Capital Partners’ flexible approach means tailoring the right solution for you. Being flexible means first of all listening hard to your requirements. We then work to structure a deal that aligns your interests with ours.

This approach continues as you progress along your growth trajectory with practical assistance offered to help you make the right call at each key decision point. Support is delivered through a strong collaborative team. Their in-depth knowledge of the current trends and challenges in your sector complements experience across key disciplines such as strategy, finance, operations and M&A.

I wanted a partner, someone I could share ideas with but also in a way be accountable to in a positive motivational way in striving to deliver the big strategic goals. Pemba’s flexibility to say they could play that role but also say “Okay, you can run the operation”. I didn’t fully believe that that’s how it would be, but as it turned out that that’s exactly how it is. Phillip Simone, Managing DirectorOpen Office

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