Pemba Capital Partners does not favour any one industry or sector. However, we do typically have a range of 5-6 sectors at any one time which we believe exhibit attractive fundamentals for our style of investing. Having developed our high-level sector themes we then put significant time and effort over many years into building up a network of contacts and expertise in each area.

Our current areas of focus include:

  • Education & Training
  • Business Services
  • Healthcare
  • Non-Bank Financial Services
  • Technology.

Developing a good understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing companies in a specific sub-sector enables us to get up to speed quickly on a potential investment and engage effectively with management and owners in understanding their business.

Each year we evaluate a broad range of potential investments based on the quality and integrity of management, the company’s growth prospects and our ability to add value to the opportunity. Our investment focus is finding companies with attractive, sustainable growth dynamics within relatively defensive sectors. More specifically, we look for businesses that are:

  • Based in Australia or New Zealand
  • Profitable and cash generative
  • Positioned for organic growth or growth through acquisitions consistent with Pemba Capital Partners’ Buy and Build strategy
  • Require additional capital and/or expertise to deliver step-change growth
  • Have proven management who want to make or retain a personal financial commitment in the business
  • A good fit with our team. We may be working together for many years so we look for complementarity between the teams, shared values and strong agreement about goals and priorities.

The Pemba Capital Partners team put significant effort and energy into analysing and understanding selected industries, allowing them to focus on specific areas in which to pursue investments. M&A AdvisorBig 4 Accounting Firm

Pemba Capital Partners will generally not invest in early stage start-ups, property, infrastructure (such as toll roads), agriculture or resources.

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