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Date of Investment
December 2023

Droppoint was established in 2004 and is a leading provider of logistics software (MOS – Materials Orchestration System) that enables companies to track, manage and order inventory at a warehouse and field level.

The business also utilises a network of transport & logistics providers to facilitate the delivery and storage of parts in convenient locations for technicians in the field, enabling significant cost savings, Co2 reductions and improved compliance with SLAs (service-level agreements) which require goods to be repaired in a set timeframe, for its medium to large enterprise customers.

“Our purpose is to be the provider of the most effective and innovative materials orchestration solutions for the service industry in Australia and around the world. Partnering with Pemba allows us to capitalise on the significant market opportunity we have by providing access to an experienced team of professionals who can help guide and support our transition to a medium size enterprise that can facilitate and sustain rapid growth over a long period of time.”

Jason Flanagan, CEO Droppoint

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