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Green Brain.

Date of Investment
June 2022
Date of Exit
December 2023
Green Brain

Green Brain, an Australian irrigation management provider, expanded its global reach and offerings through its acquisition by CropX Technologies. CropX is a global leader in agribusiness farm management solutions, operating in over 70 countries.

Green Brain empowers farmers with innovative technology for monitoring and managing crop health through efficient irrigation scheduling. This approach fosters sustainable farming practices and contributes to the overall well-being of agricultural ecosystems.

Following its divestment from Aurizn, Green Brain, in collaboration with CropX Technologies, envisions an exciting future for agricultural technology solutions on a global scale.

This is an exciting new chapter for Green Brain as we join CropX’s global team of farm-focused innovators. We are energised by the expertise that CropX brings to accelerating Green Brain’s development roadmap, opportunities to improve customer support, and to grow our impact in Australia and beyond. The Green Brain brand is well-recognised in Australia and will become even more prominent as we bring CropX solutions to our customers.

Dominic Skinner - General Manager, Green Brain

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