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Date of Investment
September 2022

RxPx is a healthcare software business that provides digital solutions to assist with prescribing, onboarding and managing medicines to the pharma sector.

Chameleon is a scalable and configurable cloud-based SaaS platform which is offered as a “white label” solution. The Connect product provides a patient portal to help with adherence.

RxPx see adherence rates of 90%+ and is utilised by 8 of the ‘top 10’ pharma companies globally.

We have been partnering with Pemba since the merger of Curatio and RxMx, now known as RxPx. The merger was a complex, cross-border transaction in the dynamic digital health sector. We chose Pemba because of the deep values alignment, track record and their commitment to partnering with founders to reach the next ’summit’. Indeed, as we have navigated the opportunities and challenges of growing a digital health company in a global market, Pemba have been with us each step of the way. They have exhibited true partnership, steadfast and strategic support, for which we are very appreciative. They walk beside us on the journey and are committed to our success, growth, and the impact we want to make in the world.

Lynda Brown, CEO RxPx

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