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Open Office.

Date of Investment
April 2019
Date of Exit
March 2021
Open Office

Open Office is Australia’s leading provider of high-function, integrated, statutory and compliance management systems with over 400 clients across Australia and around the World.

Founded in 1990, the company provides cutting edge software solutions for Local, State and Territory Governments, empowering them with integrated cloud enterprise solutions.

These solutions cover all aspects of government functionality, including:

  • Licensing and Compliance Management
  • Service Management
  • Financial Management
  • Asset Management
  • Community Engagement
  • Mobile Workforce

I didn’t want an operational partner - I knew how to run my business. I wanted someone to lean on because I never had an external business partner at a Board level. I wanted someone I could share ideas with, but also be accountable to in a positive and motivational way in striving to deliver the big strategic goals.

Phillip Simone – Founder Open Office

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