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Date of Investment
December 2019
Date of Exit
March 2023

Bepoz is a leading provider of software, solutions and support systems for the hospitality sector. The group has developed an innovative suite of subscription based products for the hospitality sector. The group has delivered a consistent track record of growth and positions itself to enable merchants to provide memorable experiences for their customers.

Bepoz provides an all-in-one platform for payments, customer engagement and point of sale.

Bepoz’s offering is mission critical in nature, providing modular, end-to-end solutions integrating both front and back of house processes for hospitality customers.

Bepoz commands a strong market presence in ANZ and has beachheads in the UK and US markets.

There was this desire to grow and turn this into something that is bigger than us and that will be with us long after we’re gone. That was really the key driver for us in looking for a growth partner. We felt strongly that an Australian partner with technology experience would be a good fit for us. Pemba stood out for us. Like us, they are very committed to their customers. The ethos lined up with ours. Their approach was centred around a true partnership.

Kris Satish, Founder and CEO Bepoz

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