Launching the ‘View To The Summit’ Podcast

3rd July 2024
PEM030524 Podcast Thumbnail 5 scaled - Launching the 'View To The Summit' Podcast

Exciting news! Our inaugural podcast, “View to the Summit,” has hit the airwaves. Join Mark Bryan as he dives into candid conversations with industry leaders, founders, and growth specialists.

Featured Guest: Kris Satish, CEO of Oolio
In our first episode, Mark sits down with Kris Satish, the visionary behind Australia’s largest hospitality technology platform and payments business, OOLIO. Kris shares invaluable insights that every entrepreneur and business leader should hear:

  1. Key Initiatives for Organic Growth: Discover the strategies that propelled Oolio to its substantial success.
  2. Avoiding Fear-Driven Decisions: How to navigate the fear of losing and make decisions that drive growth.
  3. Non-Negotiables in Business: Kris reveals the principles that guide Oolio’s journey.

Tune in on Apple Podcasts and Spotify to gain actionable knowledge on scaling, growth initiatives, and smart strategies. Scaling Summits. Together!

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